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Take customer communication to the next level
Use our simple and powerful chatbot builder based on revolutionary AI technology.
Your chatbot can be human-like friendly and empowered with AI
It uses built-in GPT-4 by Open AI to tell customers about your business, answer their questions, recommend products and services, and more.
It works on the most popular messengers and platforms: Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Line, and your website.
Perfect solution for
+ up to 96% satisfaction rate*
+ up to 89% engagement rate*
+ up to 33% conversion rate*
Marketing and sales boost
Automating customer support
Automating customer communication
*maximum values Chatfuel AI chatbots in Q1 2023
Just add basic info about your business and connect your favorite messengers.
Chatfuel AI will do the rest.
Easy set up in a few minutes
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Chatfuel is trusted
by companies like
  • Multiple language options.
  • No-code web AI builder.
  • Integrations with messengers & social media.
  • Unlimited knowledge base updates & AI retraining.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • Get set up and launched in a few minutes.
Elevate your sales and customer support with AI technology.
Start 14 day trial for
  • Tailor-made machine learning solution for your business.
  • Custom AI personality, conversation style, webhooks, integrations, etc.
  • Dedicated implementation assistant and ongoing maintenance.
  • API access and custom integrations.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Security and Compliance.
  • Custom SLA.
  • Dedicated onboarding and support.
Maximize your business success with a tailored AI solution.
Two pricing plans for you
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Take customer communication to the next level
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